Can WebODM import some orthomosaic images already have

Hi, I am new in webODM. I used pix4Dfiled to process my projects and export all result.

I have trouble to process the iimages in webODM. `

I think it is because agriculture images. Not too obvious object to stich them. `
Since I have a lot orthomosaic images, Can I upload into webODM and play around?
I would like to check the potential functions of WebODM.

Thank you.

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I’ve done a number of Agricultural Field Survey datasets within OpenDroneMap without issue, so I don’t think that’s what is happening here.

You can certainly upload and play around!

Can you post the images you’re having trouble with and your processing parameters so we can try and help you get up and running?


My data are in Google Drive. f28fail - Google Drive

Thank you.

Which folder are you having trouble with?


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This is a mutispetral images for farm. I use all in pix4d field to generate the NDVI.

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I’m trying the RGB set right now with all default parameters and got this:
[ERROR] The program could not process this dataset using the current settings. Check that the images have enough overlap, that there are enough recognizable features and that the images are in focus. You could also try to increase the --min-num-features parameter.The program will now exit.

What were the overlap/sidelap settings for the flight plan?

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Thank you. 80% overlap, Quanix mapper

I check the manufacturer, the information is

both sensors ensuring 85% front overlap and 60% side overlap

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I batched the RGB folder through XnConvert with two actions (Enhance Detail and Automatic Contrast):

It was able to process through to the end at default settings:

So, it looks like maybe an issue with under-exposure and a little bit out of focus/lack of critical focus.

Processing Parameters:
./ --verbose --debug --use-hybrid-bundle-adjustment --use-3dmesh --pc-classify --pc-rectify --time

Thank you for your time.

I use pix4dfiled to process this dataset, it works fine. I am uploading the result to the google drive for your reference.

This is a professional agriculture drone, maybe odm doesn’t support this camera so far.
In my end, the orthographic is high quality.

These are two screen shot for whole and one corner.

Did you try to increase --min-num-features and set --feature-quality to high?

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Yes. I am doing this now.

Options: dsm: true, fast-orthophoto: true, matcher-neighbors: 24, min-num-features: 24000, optimize-disk-space: true, orthophoto-compression: JPEG, orthophoto-png: true, orthophoto-resolution: 3, radiometric-calibration: camera+sun, rerun-from: odm_report, skip-3dmodel: true

it is super long. last night, it didn’t finish it. something wrong. I run it again now.

I also attached my Pix4dfield report for your reference.

pdf report, 12MB

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this is the report about the images quality.

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