Can tools be turned off for viewing?

I am testing out putting ODM on a Linode server… I want to be able to share a model I created… When I share the link, the tools on the left hand side are visible… Is there a way they can be turned off for the purposes of just allowing people to view the model? Also, can the model be brought up with the textured model already visible? The users shouldn’t need to switch it to that view…


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So, you want all of the PoTree tools (the entire menu in the “hamburger menu” to not be accessible?). Hmm… I’m not sure we support that, but you likely can change the PoTree JS files and disable that entire menu, as well as set how it loads the data in.

ok I’ll check out the PoTree config files… Just if the model is made public and people start using the tools like measuring, another user looking at the same model sees those other measurements and it gets messy… For this to be a public viewing tool, each user should be isolated.

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