Can someone help me understand how to convert shots to a traditional aerial photogrammetry X,Y,Z,Omega,Phi,Kappa

My workflow with other proprietary solutions is to create a DSM, convert the output camera parameters into a traditional USGS format, then create 3D photo stereomodels using exterior orientations created in an X,Y,Z,Omega,Phi,Kappa. Once I have this I make a map using traditional photogrammetric CAD mapping software and the DSM for elevation.

I have shown that the ODM generated DSM is consistently good enough for the purpose but I can’t figure out how to translate the shots file into something I can use. I have looked over a good portion of the relevant documentation and even compared output of ODM and other solutions, so I know about what the values should be. I just can’t make a correlation.

We have plenty of ways to do this with commercial packages but I would love to help bring the capabilities to ODM since everything has to be there, it could be just a matter of translation and formatting.

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Sounds like fascinating work!

It sounds like you covered it, but you checked the OpenSFM documentation as well, correct?

I landed on Camera Coordinate System and Conventions — OpenSfM 0.4.0 documentation , and while the general ideas make sense, I’m just not picturing how it would translate to what I need.

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Unfortunately, you’re way beyond me in this application.

Hopefully we get some folks with better visibility into this part of OpenDroneMap by to give some clarity soon!

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