Can I use the inbuilt Mission Flight to export to WebODM? (Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Dual)

Exactly what the title says
I wanted to ask if it is absolutely necessary to do the “mapping” from Litchi or DroneDeploy in order to get a 3D Model of an area map from WebODM?
The drone I have is a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Dual with the Smart Controller (DJI Pilot App) and it has the support for Mission flights

If yes, then what do I select?
Do I select the Oblique Mapping option there or just 2 different Mapping options from 20-30 Degrees different angles and a different altitude?

I really searched for the solution to this maybe with the wrong keywords, but I have no help from this

Would appreciate if I get a go ahead on this as I want the model to be as close to reality as possible


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All you need to process with WebODM are the photographs (with embedded EXIF data).
I believe if you want to do 3D models of buildings then you’ll need oblique mapping as that will capture the vertical faces more effectively than nadir, and you can also use both nadir & oblique.
GCPs and RTK will improve accuracy also.


Perfect. I’ll give it a spin

However, I’m running into this issue where it gets processed about 20% of the way and afterwards, gets stuck there where the laptop fans are blowing all crazy with 95-100% CPU & RAM Utilization
I am unable to get the resources tab in Docker allocate more RAM or CPU (The option doesn’t even show)
I have little to no knowledge about Docker, python, webODM etc in the past (However I do know my way around Windows most of the times, i’m good at googling) but this is where I’m stuck
I’ve attached a few screenshots of the problems, hopefully something may come out from it

Alienware 15 R2
CPU: i7 6700HQ

Processing Stuck (did it again, it will be stuck here till 50-55 minutes before it says low memory issue): Imgur: The magic of the Internet
No Resources in Docker: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
General Settings in Docker: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Git Bash Terminal for now:

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Are you able to add additional RAM? 8GB is going to be far too slim for what you want to do, and the freezing is your machine paging out to disk, which will fail under heavy load.

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I’ll see what I can do at this off-site construction place if I can harbour any RAM from a Donor Computer.

However can you help me in turning the WSL2 Engine off? So that I can allocate ram etc?


I edited the settings.json file (i think this was the name)

Now I can edit the ram + cpu allocation


The loading screen in Docker spins to infinity

I really don’t know why this is happening now

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To tune WSL2 resources you edit the .wslconfig file and either force restart the WSL host service or reboot the computer.

You should undo any modifications you made to Docker’s files to see if that fixes docker

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I’m sure I’m causing you all migraines but

I did try this, I cannot find the wsl.config file there at all

I even tried searching for it system-wide from “Search Everything”

I really think I need to uninstall and reinstall WSL

I’ll update when I get on that

Because I really do need help

The docs should state it, but you need to create the file yourself in the root of your user folder.


On my Windows 10 PC I used Notepad to create a text file in my user home directory, then I wrote the following in the body of the file (I was only wanting to specify the swap file size):

Then I saved it as “.wlsconfig”


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