Can I use Google Earth Images?


I am thinking paying the ODM but before I do that I want to know if I can use Google Earth images instead of drone images.
I want to use Google Earth images because I do not have a drone and because I am not allowed to fly over that area.

I have over 25k images of that area.

Thanks so much for your help.

Interesting use case, I think you can, as long as the images are georeferenced and have sufficient overlap. Would love to see screenshots of results if it works.

Also I am new to photogrammetry. What do you mean with that the images are georeferenced ?
Do you have any links so I can look for information ?

Thanks so muhc for your help.

That the images have location information embedded in the exif tags. Look up on exif on this forum or google and check out exiftool.

Thanks so much for the information.
I will have to manualy write the location information. Do you know if I have to add it to every image ?

I’m curious what the reason for this is?
As google earth images are already orthophotos, there’s no chance (that i’m aware of) to produce anything 3D like.

There are two reasons for that, the first one is that I do not have a drone and the second one is that the area is a no fly zone. My plan was to create a Google Earth tour and record it and then extract frames from the video but those frames do not have any gps data.

Hmm. I don’t think Open Drone Map will be able to create the product you have in mind. Could you elaborate on what exactly you want as an end goal for this?

You say that you want a “Google Earth Tour”? Are you meaning to say that you want to record a virtual fly-through of a 3d textured model?

Regardless, I would recommend you get aquainted with both QGIS (or ArcGIS if you have access to a subscription/$$$) and Google Earth Engine. Those two platforms will definitely be able to create almost anything remote sensing related at low cost if not completely free.


Yes sure.

What I want:
Create a 3d model of an area.

What are my problems:
1.I do not have a drone
2.The area that I want to create a 3d model is a no fly zone.

My first solution:
1.Within Google Earth I created 4 tours simulating a drone.
2.I extracted those passes to a video file.
3.I extracted frames of that video file.
4.Now I have more that 25k aerial images of that area with no gps data.
5.I wanted to use opendronemap with those images.

Unfortunately that isn’t going to work then, 3D models require overlapping images from different viewing perspectives, Google Earth images are all orthophotos with no difference when viewed from a different perspective.

Unless you were making a video/extracting frames of the 3D structures already found in some Google Earth cities, then you could do it… but even then it’d be pointless as those 3D models are already right there in GE for you to view and record and don’t need to be recreated.

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