Can I tweak defaults in 3d/2d display ui?

Wow wow I was going to give up on trying to get into this drone biz because of extreme software costs, WebODM not only gave me a great option cost-wise, I love it more than the trials! If I can make a few bucks, or even if I cannot, I owe a donation. Perhaps I should give what I can cough up now as a gesture.

So I am at the phase of shooting this and that, crunching the data, tweaking the settings, repeat, and arriving at things that look presentable when I approach my first client. I am a server guy, been making websites since 1990, so rather than just going to something like sketchfab, which may make sense I realize, I’d like to try to host it myself (have a strong server with a fast uplink), in part because I want to go very heavy on detail (heavy on megs and gigs that is).

Maybe it’s just because I’m used to pix4d’s navigation and haven’t fiddled with webodm enough, but it doesn’t seem usable enough for a common person to fire up a link I give them on their phone, not be able to find the fullscreen button on the 2D because it’s clipped (at least on my pixel 5), and struggle to pinch and zoom and pivot etc. So, first question, is the nature of displaying this stuff such that a phone is a nonstarter, one really needs a mouse with at least a few buttons and a wheel, lest they get frustrated and bail out?

If I am not a brilliant coder, do I stand a chance of enabling, say, texture by default, or the helicopter or whatever navigation option selected first, perhaps with a different URI, or maybe tweaking some html/js somewhere?

Maybe I could figure this out with two instances of webodm and then an additional nginx in front detecting phones or some js to detect slow connections, and knock people on weaker devices/connections either to a revised project that is lighter on the point count, mesh detail, or just bounces them to sketchfab (or a video I make and host that’s not interactive)?

Or are there any, since these formats are all pretty common, viable things i could snatch off github intended specifically to display these projects in a more user-friendly format?

Tl;dr, sketchfab feels like the way to go to keep it simple, … right?

Regarding serving (over ssl), it feels like it would make more sense to have webodm running without ssl, with a separate nginx acting as a reverse proxy, letting me do things like add http2/http3/quic/spdy/ngx_pagespeed/memcached/haproxy/cloudflare quic/brotli and so on, either on the same machine running webodm, or on some other server. Good idea? Or get inside the container and tinker with nginx inside? Thank you gentlemen! -Doug



Glad you’re enjoying it.

Grab something that adds value to your workflow, but only if and when it makes sense to do so.

You’re above my head with much of your post, but in general, most of our webmap is leaflet, a few JS libraries as add-ons, and I think potree for viewing.

I’m not sure what you can do with that information, haha.

Yeah forgive me I got excited and wrote too much.

I am starting to feel a bit like a freeloader here, this is just too awesome, I have a vague appreciation of all the time and collaboration that goes into bit, the value potentially to my fun and bank account perhaps, I want to kick in a few bucks now and if I keep using it more later. What is the best way to do that? Also if sharing to other sites like oam, cesium etc.

Also, if I set up a portfolio showcasing website, what is, in the same vein, not just the minimally acceptable to any odm guidelines on this but the most helpful way to credit odm, can you point me to an example of this? The lightning service, does that help fund things? I don’t quite need it but it would make me more inclined to use it.

Sometimes awesome people pour a ton of time and brilliance into a public utility at their own huge expense on top of time, and I’d like to help offet that over time as I round up a few dollars. Because of odm, I just took a leap to a second drone, from the ma2 to the evo 2 6k and a 107 course. If I were still screwing around with pix4d on trial mode, I would not have done this. So I figure if I just dropped that kind of cash, I’m especially obliged to kick in to the project.

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I guess check out the products offered by UAV4Geo to see if they look attractive to you and you’d benefit from using them:

As an individual (prior to employment with UAV4Geo), I bought GCP Editor Pro, early access to, some Lightning credits, and the ODM Book because I liked what those brought to the table for me most.

As for citations, I think the current feeling is explained here:

Lightning does indeed help fund operations. Proceeds from that go directly to Piero/UAV4Geo and back into development of OpenDroneMap for everyone. If you don’t need it, don’t feel pressured to use it. Have you tried it out with the free starter credits to see if it suits your workflow?

Nah, not obliged to contribute monetarily, I don’t think. Do what you think is best and works for you. If that’s how you want and choose to contribute, then that’s welcome. Any contributions are welcome! You’re also welcome to just be a part of the community and hang out!


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