Can I measure Soil Moisture With WebODM?

I’ve got a client wanting a soil moisture calculation. Ive seen studys that show that simple RGB digital cameras can capture this. Can WebODM process this? I know it can process plant health but does it translate? I would be flying a Phantom 4 RTK so keep in mind I dont have thermal, jus the RGB.

As a starting point have a look at the literature and see what they’ve managed to do, looks like there are a few papers on it… if it is a straightforward spectral index then it wouldn’t be hard to implement, although I’d be surprised if it was super accurate and it would likely depend on a lot of factors like soil type and lighting and ground cover (but I haven’t read up on it so perhaps it is less hard than I think),5&as_vis=1

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It’s been a while since I’ve looked into this set of literature myself, but my hunch would be RGB-based soil moisture estimation would require a bare or semi-bare soil and a single soil class.

Yeah, I’ve been reading those. They report it being fairly simple and moderately accurate.

Thanks! one follow up, can WebODM process thermal imagery into an ortho? I assume it can but just making sure. This would be an alternate method from using RGB.

re thermal… general feedback I’ve heard (in the plant/farm phenotyping context at least) is that is hard to use and hard to calibrate, but others may have had more success and there certainly are people managing to use it.

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