Can I have ClusterODM on WebODM machine?

Just as the title asks, is it possible and/or recommended to have ClusterODM on the same machine running WebODM front end? Related to another post of mine, I am using a VM for WebODM frontend and will be adding nodes from separate machines. Should the ClusterODM be running in its own docker container on the WebODM machine? Then run NodeODM on the individual cluster member machines and add them?


I haven’t found any recommendations either way, but I see no technical reason why one couldn’t have a compose file that had containers for WebODM, ClusterODM, and NodeODM. Once the networking is figured out, I would:

  1. Configure ClusterODM for autoscaling using the NodeODM instance as the locked static node it requires.
  2. Set the ClusterODM front door as the single processing node on WebODM.

If you do get it working, post the compose file and your efforts will be widely appreciated.


You can run ClusterODM on the same machine as your WebODM container! I’ve tried this and it seems to work just fine. If you are going to run NodeODM on the same machine as well, you will need to make sure you use a different port for NodeODM and ClusterODM, and that you use the ClusterODM port when you register a new processing node in WebODM. In my experience, ClusterODM is very light and doesn’t use much in the way of resources, so even if your WebODM VM is small, it shouldn’t make to much of a difference.

I would add that since ClusterODM can be run as just a standalone NodeJS instance, it might be more efficient to set that up independant of docker. You keep it running detatched with screen, nohup, or Forever (npm package), personally I have had good luck with Forever.


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