Camera Shots (GeoJSON)

Hi all,

I want to launch a webodm project indicating to this project some properties of the cameras.
What I want is to change the focal point of the cameras. The images contain the data in the exif, but webodm does not seem to read it.
I have seen that when a webodm project ends it generates a file called, shots.geojson and there you can see data such as the coordinates or the focal.
My question is if you can somehow load this file at the start of a project but with the data that interests me, so that webodm takes this data directly.

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The file you’re looking to change is cameras.json. There you can override the camera calibration values and pass the modified file back to ODM via the --cameras parameter.

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perfect … but how should the structure of this json be?

If you run the process once up through OpenSfM step, it will generate the file for you. Then you can modify this and feed it back in. I’m sure it’s documented somewhere in, I’m just not sure where.