Camera Quality

I have been using a Mavic 2S which takes great photos for taking my images in agricultural fields. I’m considering attaching a multi-spectrum camera to this drone and I wonder if it would be worth the investment using this software. Would there be enough quality improvement or available data rendered to make the investment worth it?

Depends on what type of analysis you need to get done! What’s your goal?

Actual plant health and elevation measurements.

Most plant health indices use a NIR band, so probably worth investing in a multi-spectral camera. For elevation a good global shutter drone with RTK, or with good ground control points measurements is preferred (but then again, depends on what accuracy you’re aiming for).

I take it the Plant health tab in WebODM next to the ortho tab is really only beneficial with the multispectral camera. Not a lot I can do with the Air2S other thing Han practice for when. Can afford a better drone and camera.

With a bit of fiddling with the levels/contrast and palette it can certainly show areas of reduced plant density fairly well, although that is often somewhat obvious in normal RGB images anyway.

Do I need a multi spectrum then for plant health? I know that’s up to me but if I don’t have to spend the money I won’t. My intentions are to do some mapping for farmers and give them useful information such as low areas where water accumulates, areas where plants may need spraying for pest or areas with poor germination occurred so reseeding can be determined. What do you think?

Multi-spectrum with NIR is much better for plant health/pest attack. Low areas can be well defined with the digital terrain model made with visible light. Poor germination shows up pretty well in visible light as the vegetation cover is less.

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