Camera quality report for newbes

I recently read in this forum a post about the quality of the cloud of points and it referred to the quality of the cameras for aerial photography, as the data and graphics of the cameras are given in the reports, I provide that of my fimi x8 2020 , it has served me for basic training with this drone that we can classify as a hobby type

, can any member of this forum compare it with a more professional one by posting their data from the quality report and commenting on it.


Hello, you can read this documentation

For example, in this section

I think it is better if there are more number of matches between images and more darker blue line instead of yellow line.


I can see excellent OpenSFM camera model also here :


Thanks ,This is the reference that i have read on the forum but i only see ants ordered in a electromagnetic field…can explain the meaning of the picture with a comparation with my hobby camera …

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Thanks , i beguin to understand the state of the art…first idea opensfm is part of ODM and contributes with the quality report… and the second idea is that the conspiracy of ants armed with spears in a magnetic field …if they are blue they indicate that the camera and drone equipment are of quality


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