Calibration panel with P4M

Hello all,
I am planning to buy a Phantom 4 Multispectral and process imagex with Pix4Dfields to generate NDVI, NDRE… indexes.
Do I need to use a calibration panel, like with the micasense camera, or is not needed at all?
In somebforums I read that for normalized indexes is not necessary and in some other they say is a must.
Anybody here with experience who can share some knowledge about this?
Thanks a lot in advance!!


It looks like the P4 Multispectral has an upward facing sunlight sensor, so in theory, you should not need any calibration panels.

As for what you read in forums, it is both correct and incorrect, depending upon usage.

If you want to look at just NDVI for a single collection/day? Sure, you don’t have to calibrate.
Now, if you want to compare NDVI for multiple collections across multiple days and/or weather conditions? Yep, you gotta calibrate.

Have you taken a look at ODM/WebODM/Lightning for processing your data as well?

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