Calculating NDVI and other indeces


Hi so im using webodm to stitch pictures together and then trying to calculate some indeces. so since it is possible to calculate the NDVI with odm see:

im wondering if i can use this in webodm too? if im understanding webodm correctly, it is just an UI for odm or am i wrong ? so i should probably be able to calculate this ndvi ?
please correct me if im wrong. and thank you for your help


Hi @jkwon :hand: yes WebODM is a UI to ODM, but it currently does not support NDVI indices. There’s a long standing feature request for that, but we haven’t had resources to work on it.

Any help toward implementing this feature is most welcome.


It could be implemented same as volume computation from grass gis : efficient and fast ! But I guess you need funding to implement it Piero :wink:


Funding would be nice, but it’s not a requirement. A PR from somebody would do as well!


Hello everyone, how about this option? Has someone tried it?

Thank you!