Calculate (lat, lon) for each pixel in source images using Shots.geojson


I’ve an aerial imagery dataset and created a map (.tif) file using WebODM. Now I want to calculate latitude, longitude coordinates in each source image used during the processing. I analyzed the shots.geojson file which contains geometry information (bbox, polygon coordinate) about the created map (.TIF file). I want to use this information to calculate the bearing angle for each input image, and then use this to verify if the images are in the true north or need to rotate in the north direction and finally calculate boundary values such as bbox for the source images. At this point, I’ll be able to find the lat, long for each pixel. Is this something workable?

Suggestions are welcome.

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Certainly seems workable, but beyond me!

It seems like DroneDB’s ability to project images/footprints might be helpful as a reference:

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