Buying webodm

hi all
i have a question about buying odm desktop software,
i’m not as tech savvy as id like to be, so going down down the free route to install the software isn’t really an option for me, so buying would be the only way to go for me,
so the question is

if i buy the software, would it be as easy as any other software to install, just double click and point to the install location, or do i need to install all the other software needed for it to run

thanks in advance

Hey @cglee, the installer is mostly click and go, it will take care of getting things up and running for you. In some cases manual intervention is needed on the user part, for example if you need to enable virtualization, which is a hardware setting that needs to be enabled from the bios. Guides on Google are often available to help with that, and a person will also be available to guide you if you need direct assistance. The installation manual that comes with the installer covers all of these cases.

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thanks @pierotofy
if i wanted to run it on mac and windows would i need to buy it twice

Correct :+1:

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