Building WEB ODM Rig - Suggestions

Looking to build a new rig - getting some suggestions with the new gear about to launch.

Running Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced
Process up to 1000 images most times - Both Infrared and RGB (separately of course)

Here is what I am thinking

AMD 7950x or Intel 13900K or Intel 12900K
128GB Ram DDR 5
Pro 980 2TB M.2
4090 or 3090ti

I considered going for threadripper however my day-to-day use doesn’t seem to align with that kind of build. If you think otherwise let me know

I am open to suggestions - I don’t have a budget but I also don’t want to spend recklessly.

Also use AutoCad / Blender

That you consider going for a AMD Ryzen 9 7950X or Intel 13900/12900K almost sounds reckless to me :partying_face:
But that’s just speaking from my perspective :cowboy_hat_face:

The processor, RAM and SSD look amazing. The graphics cards seems overkill, at least for WebODM.
There are some recent threads about which NVIDIA card is recommended and it looks like anything with VRAM (>6Gbyte) will do the trick.
At least I haven’t come across any argument speaking for a potent graphics card when using WebODM. Some people in the forum here mentioned using NVIDIA A100 cards for processing. Which can speed up the reconstruction but seem to create other problems.

Looking at this, your choices seem reasonable but a less potent GPU might also do. Blender and AutCAD are a different story, they may benefit from a potent card.
Since I deal with a lot of hardware, your part description sounds overly premium to me. Stepping it down a notch on many items (like Ryzen 9 5950X, 128GB DDR4 memory and a RTX 3080) will save you a ton of money and only cost you a few percent overall performance.
But if budget is not a subject and every single % of performance is worth double or triple the cost, go for it. Sounds like a far out system :grinning:

P.S.: maybe consider swapping the Samsung 980 Pro for something more potent like a WD Black SN850 or even a SK hynix Platinum P41.

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Shiva - Thank you for the reply!

I do not have an unlimited budget but I do believe in future-proofing.

The 5950 sounds great - for comparable dollars is the 12700K worth looking at? Is there a difference when it comes to WebODM. I wonder if the higher L3 cache makes much of a difference for these processes.

Would I notice the difference on the SSD from Samsung to WD or SK if I am running PCIe 4?

Interesting on the graphics card for webodm - my other needs will utilize it. Likely a 3090 after pricing was released today for the 4090

Future-proofing is interesting.
I was working as a system administrator, mainly for linux servers but also workstations. And there it’s almost the opposite. Being 1 year behind the bleeding edge meant best performance while offering very high compatibility and stability with software while significantly cutting down on costs.
I do not know how dependent you are on a well and trouble free running system.
For business use I would recommend being 1 year or 1 generation behind the latest releases.
I am doing the computer hardware thing for 25+ years now and for reliability and cost/performance ratio I like being 1 generation or 1 year behind. Saved me a lot of nerves not being the first one to run into some trouble :smirk:
If it is your home system, different measures apply.

I would guess you will run a Windows installation, at least for AutoCAD but WebODM will probably still run in a docker container on an Ubuntu Linux image.
The linux kernel still needs some adjustments for Intel’s hybrid CPU architecture. Windows in the latest version is handling it well, as far as I know.
And in processes fully loading many cores like ODM the Ryzen 5000 processors still perform really well.
The higher L3 cache should have almost no effect on the WebODM process afaik.
But both Intel 12Gen and AMD 5000 series processors are totally worth their money.

No, in day to day use you will not “feel” the difference in the read-write speed of the different SSDs. But depending on the processing you are planning to do, also 128Gb of RAM can be exhausted and then a paging file on the NVMe will be used. And that is where the higher performing SSDs will overall shorten your processing time. If you have already a Samsung 980 Pro, no need to switch, but if you buy a new one, consider a more performant model. Best with a cooler on it.

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