Building Facades, is it possible to map

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Here is one for you. @pierotofy @smathermather can I use ODM to create an orthomosaic of a building facade that I have taken photos of. 73 images of the front of the image with side and front overlap flown manually.

I want to basically just combine all the photos into one ortho and get webodm to totally ignore gps data and just stitch based on likeness between each photo.

Here is the data set I have for trying this.

Please let me know what settings might work to make this possible.



Hi - I was looking for something similar to @wcarroll14 question above. Any thoughts on whether this is doable?

I remember seeing this and apparently forgot to respond: you could absolutely do this: you would need to create ground control points. See this blog post and it’s siblings:


Absolutely possible. I use ODM to model 60’ shoreline bluffs on Lake Erie. Manual flight with 100-200 photos works great. The orthophoto isn’t very useful (as you might expect), but the models come out great. The default settings usually work fine if there’s enough overlap, but I generally run the 3D Model or High Resolution presets.
(cc @wcarroll14)

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@wcarroll14 I ran your photos and only got part of the facade. I’m guessing this is more or less the result you got as well? I realize this post is from several months ago, so it may no longer be relevant.

The following isn’t a capability of ODM, unfortunately: “totally ignore gps data and just stitch based on likeness between each photo”

ODM checks for common points in the photo, then builds a 3d model, then flattens it to create the ortho. Finding seams between the photos and combining to create a big mosaic photo is something you’d need to do in a different tool. I tried to run your photos in Microsoft Image Composite Editor and got an architecturally interesting result:

I tried running just the first 13 photos (0238-0250) and it had a much easier time of it.

More overlap and less sky in your photos might help. Just a guess. If this sort of panorama is all you need, Microsoft ICE or Hugin is probably a better fit. It’s a much faster process, too.

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I know MicMac has support for building orthophoto facades, but might be a bit difficult to figure out how to use it.