Bringing Cesium Ion

Hi WebODM team! I am currently working on a plugin that will allow for viewing of assets in the cesium environment. In the plugin you will be able to use the cesium viewer instead of potree as well as upload to cesium ion for integrating the photography/pointcloud into other projects.

I was hoping to make this into a pull request so it becomes a part of the project. Just let me know any thoughts or if this would be something of interest.


Hey @brandon-cesium, that’s really exciting! I’d be happy to merge a plugin to uses Cesium for displaying the assets. We’ve actually been thinking about integrating Cesium for a while, as it would unify the “2D/3D” views somewhat, but haven’t had the time to explore the possibility further.

Hey @brandon-cesium , that’s amazing.Happy to help in any way possible :slight_smile:


@pierotofy @edwin8787 I wanted to provide some updates of the plugin state
The development repo can be found here.

Features completed to date:

  • Uploading to ion
  • Viewing in ion
  • Tiling in ion
  • Upload progress

Planned features

  • Simple viewer allows for viewing tasks and its relevant exported assets
  • Advanced viewer which allows for merging tasks export into one big map with controls for tuning the viewing experience

Unplanned Features

  • Measurement tools

My hopes is we could merge the latest version and release the next planned versions later.

Here are some screenshots from the latest version:

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Thats awesome @brandon-cesium!!! Thank you for putting in the time and effort. Looking forward for more great work from you :slight_smile:

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This looks really cool! Look forward to testing it. :clap:

@edwin8787 @pierotofy Cesium ion for WebODM by ProjectBarks · Pull Request #694 · OpenDroneMap/WebODM · GitHub I got a PR up.

BTW I joined your guys gitter send me a msg there (@projectbarks) or an email at [email protected] as I would love to get a joint blog post out?!


PR merged! :clinking_glasses:

Yes we can discuss about a joint blog post. Let’s coordinate via e-mail (I don’t use gitter much).


Hello there and thanks for this awesome upgrade!
I ran into a problem that I can’t locate its origin.
I processed a set of photos and uploaded to cesium ion the pointcloud that locates and shows correctly on the worldmap.
I uploaded the textured model and it says that the tileset location has not been set.
Since both items come from the same webodm instance, i’m not sure where the problem lies.

Any ideas?


Hi carlozusa,

The metadata associated with the Texture Model lacks geo-reference information. Currently you can manually adjust your Texture Model by clicking the “Adjust Tileset Location” on the pointcloud, copying its coordinates and then copying that information into the “Adjust Tileset Location” for Texture Models.

My hopes is to have a change out today to automatically georeference’s Texture Models. You would need to delete your old Texture Model (in cesium ion) and re-export but afterwards everything should be good.

ok, so its a “feature” … awesome. if you are going to make the fix, i’ll wait and re-upload after.


PS: is it possible to adjust the height of the model, since it seems to be waaaayyyy in the sky.

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@carlozousa Pull request is merged!

This is actually because we use an ellipsoid as a preview. Once you click “Adjust Location” or use the data in a world with terrain enabled it should no longer in the sky. The idea is we want users to be able to actually see their data in preview in case it is slightly above the terrains surface.

I made a quick GIF of what I described above…

Wow, I’m blown away! This is awesome!

Thanks for the prompt reply!


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Well I failed to mention before, because I was worried about the location doubt, but the textured models always show up in double and shifted about one meter due north.

textured viewed in webodm

textured viewed in cesium

@carlozousa this could be due to a lot of things. So if you could do the following that would be great!

(If you don’t feel comfortable feel comfortable posting that info feel free to DM me or shoot me an email at [email protected])