Bringing Cesium Ion

Hi WebODM team! I am currently working on a plugin that will allow for viewing of assets in the cesium environment. In the plugin you will be able to use the cesium viewer instead of potree as well as upload to cesium ion for integrating the photography/pointcloud into other projects.

I was hoping to make this into a pull request so it becomes a part of the project. Just let me know any thoughts or if this would be something of interest.


Hey @brandon-cesium, that’s really exciting! I’d be happy to merge a plugin to uses Cesium for displaying the assets. We’ve actually been thinking about integrating Cesium for a while, as it would unify the “2D/3D” views somewhat, but haven’t had the time to explore the possibility further.

Hey @brandon-cesium , that’s amazing.Happy to help in any way possible :slight_smile: