Boundary: Woes faailing to start

I’m having issues with creating a Boundry file that works in WebODM. I need to run a section of an 855 Image map at higher res. I realise the CRS needs to be one that WebODM recognises so I’m using an initial “dem-resolution 1m” Ortho in Qgis to create a Polygon of the area that needs higher detail. I’m making this Polygon a mono one and have stripped out the detail I found was an issue in another thread. I’m using the same lot of images all 854 of them. I started with all the Options I needed but have slowly turned every thing off till now I’ve just run the Proccessing at the same settings as the initial run and its still failing…or I am still failing!
While typing I realised I moved a copy of the images to the SSD where WebODM runs so I just started it again running on e images where they were for the 1st run…Back to the question.
What’s the best way to get a Poly from Qgis that will work as a boundry?

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Even easier, just draw a polygon with and use the output from the site as input to the boundary option, it should just work.


Ok well thats a super duper, 1000 times easier way, shame you dont drink! :wink: