Boundary JSON units

A n00b question, but I couldn’t find an answer in my google and forum searches.

What units are the coordinates in for the boundary_json line? Is it something that can be referenced directly to lat/lons or is it specific to the data set?

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Officially, GeoJSON is only valid in EPSG: 4326, so units should be decimal degrees.

There are other variants that can use different CRSs, but I don’t believe we are using that variant.

I like making my boundary GeoJSON in QGIS.


That makes a bunch of sense. Thanks!

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Also, just to save others a google search, EPSG:4326 is a more formal way of saying WGS 84, from what I can tell.

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Yes, but an unambiguous way as well, which I find important. If I tell you EPSG:4326 you know exactly what CRS that is, whereas there are numerous variants of WGS 84 and it could be unclear for someone what one in specific was meant.


I entirely agree. My only point was my searches led me to a CRS I already had tools for. :slight_smile:

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Completely understand!

Glad you’re sorted! Please let us know how you get on.

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