Boundary(json) in ODM reconstruction parameter editing (ODM 重建参数编辑中的 boundary (json))

What is the functionality of boundary(json) in parameter editing? How to use there are no usable files that can be used for testing, thanks
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参数编辑中的 boundary(json)实现的功能是什么?如何使用有没有可以使用的文件可以用来测试,谢谢

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We have documentation on this feature here (in English):

There are probably more examples but with the boundary JSON you can clip a mapping with a certain boundary (via a JSON).

You can create this JSON in a GIS application like QGIS or via a website like

  1. draw your area in
  2. copy and/or save the JSON
  3. paste and/or upload the JSON in ODM

The mapping will now be clipped on this boundary.

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