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I used Web ODM lightning. I made an orthophoto. However I get a texture problem on the contours of the buildings.

Is it possible to improve the sharpness around?

Here are my settings

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You can try to increase pc-quality, feature-quality, and ensure you are not resizing the images down when creating the Task.

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These settings are present in my first message.

I have put all the settings you tell me and I still have the same problem.

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Are you using Lightning, or local processing? If local, you can go to ultra with pc-quality and feature-quality.

Also, you can try increasing min-num-features, increasing matcher-neighbors.

It is possible you didn’t get good matching on that edge and would need either more overlap/sidelap, or a different gimbal angle.

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I use the online version of Lightning.

I have the local version where I added the lighting node but it says “send pictures to node” but nothing happens… The bar doesn’t change color…

Why can’t we put the ultra high option on lightning when they are powerful servers?

I’ll try your settings to see if it makes a difference. I thank you

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I tried with the settings you suggested but it didn’t change anything. I have to increase the “matcher-neighbors” parameter by how much ?

It really depends upon the quality of the data. Try 32 or 48.

You may not be able to fix it if you needed more image density or more angular coverage.

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