Black borders on Google Earth

When I export a KMZ file generated by WebODM, in Google Earth Pro, there is a black border around the orthophoto. How to eliminate it?
Thank you in advance for your help.

It’s a bug. Should be fixed with Fix KMZ black border · OpenDroneMap/[email protected] · GitHub

Thanks for the report!

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Thanks for the info and the edit.
How do I apply the change?
I’m new to WebODM, and I don’t know what to do.

Have nice day.

If you installed using docker, just run ./ update && ./ restart.

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Sorry, but I’m not familiar with Docker, and I don’t know where to enter this command.
To use WebODM, I just launched the file “WebODM_Setup.exe”

Ok that’s the native installation; in this case you just need to wait for an update (which we will release probably in a few weeks).

Alright. thanks a lot for your help.