Bits of Fits with WebODM#3, But Generally good results in #2 ... same data on different drives

I have been “having fun”, on my brother’s farm …
Projects in WebODM3 often crash, but the same projects/data give good results in WebODM2. When ODM3 does not crash or appear to do erratic things, ground items, like cars look better, but often, there are areas of no 3d data.
I ran a project in WebODM2, mainly because #2 runs a project considerably faster.

This last project I entered feet elevations as meters, which cause an inverted bowl effect, so I calculated my elevations to feet for the GCP file … only difference from the project just ran earlier today.
I think my main mistake, was I ran WebODM3 to check the run time of my last attempt, then proceeded to run the project that takes about 2.5 hours for about 340 photos, in WebODM2 … In WebODM3, this project in correct meters ran about 9 hours and produce … quite an angry looking mess 100+ photos in a 35’ diameter circle with photos(even control photos), off as much as about 600 feet, and with numerous tiers of 3d data with data going every other which way … quite the sight …

I’m not saying I did nothing wrong, but in light of #2 giving generally good results, I expected something similar in #3

This has happened a number of times now, where I would run on 2(fast/good), then run on #3, and I get a crash or I get a nice ortho(very little 3d data), or I get a mess, with control points’ associated photos, nowhere near the control points, excepting one control point showing an error of about 600’, though physically within 5 or so feet of it’s stated position.

along these lines, I thought I might add some results for photo locations
pic exif north exif east WebODM N WebODM E common identifiable items
15) 41.100490 81.12991 41.10051 81.13007 house trailer drive post
16) 41.100582 81.12992 41.10102 81.13043 house trailer drive post garage
17) 41.100670 81.12994 41.10105 81.13040 house trailer drive post garage stone
18) 41.100760 81.12994 41.10114 81.13039 garage post stone drive chopped tree
19) 41.100850 81.12995 41.10114 81.13040 garage stone drive tree
20) 41.100940 81.12997 41.10117 81.13040 garage drive tree *20 agrees)

You’re not alone. When a job fails or goes on forever, i go back to v2.9.2 and it always works, in about half the time. 3.0.x does seem to do a better job for 3d reconstruction.

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