BigTiff not genrated with Rasterio in split-merge

i am generating 7 submodels for 3400 images but not able to merge the orthophoto.
i used following docker command
sudo docker run -ti --rm -v datasets:/datasets --gpus all opendronemap/odm:gpu --project-path /datasets project --dsm --dtm --cog --feature-quality ultra --skip-3dmodel --pc-quality lowest --orthophoto-resolution 0.5 --dem-resolution 0.5 --split 500 --split-overlap 50

after 3 hrs of merging all submodel orthophoto its generate only 15MB

logs for this stpes

Found 7 submodels with valid orthophotos and cutlines
[INFO] 7 valid orthophoto rasters to merge
[INFO] Output bounds: 638649.1792660973 3001876.392892274 641559.1452349724 3006907.328076958
[INFO] Output width: 59416, height: 102722
[INFO] Adjusted bounds: 638649.1792660973 3001876.3887716625 641559.1605175062 3006907.328076958

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Sorry for the trouble! We just merged a fix for this which should be out for the various clients in the next few days.

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