Big Ask? Hopefully Not

I know this may be a big ask of the community but I’m hoping people will help.

After having reviewed the tutorial and documentation, there are still many unanswered questions about settings for this software. While some of you use this day in/day out, many of us want to use this to create quick, decent looking results without having to get a PhD in this area.

The definitions of a lot of the parameters are simply that…definitions. Some definitions are even circular …in the sense that they refer to other definitions that if someone doesn’t know or understand, the meanings are pointless and unusable from the standpoint of knowing what it will do for output.

Can someone actually make a thread defining the various definitions of settings and what they actually do…in layman’s terms? It would be great instead of having to hunt down answers every time we want to figure something out and/or ask questions over again because they aren’t fully answered properly.

I have already created a successful example out of the photos I took for a small project I ran a month or so ago. I really want to get this stuff going so I can begin my business and start advertising for it.

Thank you.

I’m working on expanding the documentation to hopefully meet this need, and to preempt other needs/questions.

What I hope to accomplish once finished, is that someone can just look at each argument, get an idea of the cost (time, storage, CPU, RAM, GPU), what turning the knobs up and down does, and what it does at default, so that they can more easily start getting familiar.


That would be great. That definitely would make things easier. As it is right now, when people respond, they do so with their own frame of reference in mind and it’s too esoteric and technical.

I’m hoping you can expand this to “how to” stuff as well. Like how to get GCPn points easily and quickly.