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Hey Piero,
in the meantime I have had really encouraging results taking the source pictures from about 25 meters above ground. Their resolutions being each about 2 MP (1.920 x 1.088) I wonder how to get higher resolution in the target file, actually being at about 2 MP (1436 x 1387) for a series of however 68 pictures (17 rows of 4 pictures each).
I attach a sample of my .jpg-pictures an the resulting .tiff-file.
I would be very greatful for a hint to obtain better resolution.
Have a nice day,

just one permitted

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2MP is pretty low resolution. What sensor are you using?

If you have a 2MP sensor, the only way to increase effective resolution is to make your GSD finer, or fly closer to the ground. You run the risk of losing the ability to stitch the imagery if you go too close, however.

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