Better GCP worflow?

Hi there

Thx for a great tool. Regarding GCP´s. I find the GCP workflow somehow intricately in WebODM.
There must be a better workaround or? I work as a GIS professional and haven´t yet found any good method that avoids the manually click-in-map-and-save workflow. Or maybe I´m doing it the wrong way. Is it not possible to import the GCP´s into WODM, where it gets projected and placed correctly in the web map - and from there modiifying the correct location in the GCP interface(left side panel) ?
For example I have a file from field survey with the z value included that I want to import. And from there build on with WebODM.

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Yes you can do that. The process is a bit “wonky” with the POSM GCPi, but it’s possible. I’ve documented it in in detail the “Ground Control Points” chapter.

The gist of the process is to create a GCP file without the px,py,filename fields and import it into GCPi. Then tie the images to the points and re-export the GCP file.

We’re hoping to improve the GCP interface in the very near future.