Best settings to use to comapare to Pix4D?

Hi everyone. A while ago I said I was working on a school project involving WebODM. I am comparing the output quality of WebODM vs Pix4D. I have some settings I use on WebODM already that work, but takes my computer 40 hours to process 250 pictures. Pix4D does it faster in half the time. I know that Pix4D uses your graphics card and WebODM does not, which makes a huge difference. Does anyone have some suggested processing settings too best represent WebODM against Pix4D. Processing time is one of the many comparisons being made. For reference, the data sets are all farm fields and one small town being processed. Thank you!

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I have these for their textured mesh at least:

Pix4D 3D Textured Mesh
Octree Depth 10
Tris 100,000

Octree Depth 12
Tris 1,000,000

Octree Depth 14
Tris 5,000,000
Pix4D Point Cloud Matching Window Size