Best settings for vegetation?

First tests of ODM. We use drones for plant ecology research and use Metashape but we want to learn ODM.

I used the Forest settings but the orthomosaic quality is not great relative to what we get in Metashape. First output is from Metashape.

Second image is ODM. Notice the much higher quality of Metashape output.

ODM seems blurry relative to Metashape. There are also seamlines in the ODM result that are much more apparent.

I imagine it is possible to improve the quality of the ODM output, but I’m not sure where to start. What settings would you recommend I play with to try to play with first?


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Start with the “Ultra Quality” drop down. That will default most of the useful things for highest quality.


What is the GSD of the Metashape and ODM ortho mosaic?

You can set feature quality and PC quality to ultra to get sharper results.


@smathermather: Thanks, I will try that.
@Gordon: the GSDs of both outputs are identical at 5 mm / pixel.


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