Best settings for residential properties and how to avoid wavy lines?

Hello, everyone. I’m just getting in to aerial mapping to be able to offer it to clients, alongside aerial photography/videography. I’m currently using a DJI Mavic Air drone. I know this is not the ideal drone for mapping. However, I’ve been able to get great results using the Drone Deploy app for flights and processing maps.

I’d like to be able to use WebODM in the future, but I’ve been getting the wavy buildings using default settings in WebODM. I’ve done some research and have seen others reporting this. There are obviously lots of settings that can be changed in WebODM. Are there good default settings to use for the Mavic Air or for maps in general of residential properties (with a house, trees, etc)? Should I be doing a camera calibration? I use plenty of overlap when planning flights in the Drone Deploy app.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

i have asked a similar question

-2 sharpness may help with the wavy lines and clean it up in post-pro .

Hello, where do you apply the -2 sharpness? And in what software?

sorry for lack of context
-2 sharpness for the drone camera.

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The dji phantom 3 adv doesn’t have a sharpness control so I guess i’ll have to do it in preprocessing of the photos.

are you sure?
i use a P3 standard and its camera has settings for
sharpness, saturation and contrast , among others.

Sharpness … Damn, i’m getting old … i found the settings on the dji go software and are these the ones?


left to right across the top
sharpness contrast saturation


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Hi there!
I decided to experiment with this problem.

I made a flight with 30% overlap on front and side.
Then processed with:
Options: use-3dmesh: true, texturing-nadir-weight: 28, orthophoto-resolution: 2.0, dtm: true, dem-resolution: 2.0, ignore-gsd: true, orthophoto-cutline: true, dsm: true, depthmap-resolution: 2000, use-fixed-camera-params: true, rerun-from: dataset

and it’s the best orthophoto so far.

no waves, straight lines, trees look stupid but in urban areas it looks great.

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For the trees, try passing --texturing-data-term area instead of gmi.