Best Parameters for WebODM with ODM 2.1

Hi everyone,

I really like the new upgrade to ODM 2.1 the results do look better!
But since we got new Parameters i was wondering if there is already a “best practice” for high quality results (I do not have to worry about performance).

Since now i am using the following parameters:

resize-to: 2400, feature-quality: ultra, depthmap-resolution: 1800, use-3dmesh: true, mesh-octree-depth: 12, dtm: true, dsm: true, dem-resolution: 4, orthophoto-resolution: 1

Is there something i could change or add so that i can get even better results (orthophoto and 3D model)?

Thank you all very much!

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Glad you’re happy with the improvements!

Are you flying close enough with a high MP camera so that a GSD of 1cm/px is real? If not, you can back off the ortho resolution a bit to save some processing time.

I think your settings sound good.

I like bumping up the minimum number of features really high (80,000 or more VS 8,000 base) to help ensure strong reconstruction.

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Thanks, i’m going to try increasing the minimum number of features to 80k and see if that makes the outcome better!

To answer your question: i usually fly around 50m of height.

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