Best parameters for solar inspection

hi I am very new to mapping world. I was trying to orthomosaic of solar plant with thermal images.

1 -) Do you have any recommendation for parameters for webodm.
2 -) Also I get an error using same data and parameters doy you have any idea why ?
3 - ) I know side overlap is very low but when I increase it, time is increasing, what is the sweet spot for side overlap.

Overlap front/side = 70 / 30
drone/camera = Matrice 210 / Zenmuse XT2

Perhaps this thread might help?

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I use same parameters but I get " Cannot process dataset". when I try different these params on different images Iget this
any idea why these are happening ?

How many images are there?
What are the specs of the computer you are using?
Ideally for an orthophoto you’d want at least 60% sidelap.

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these are the specs of my pc. I use docker
there are 64 images.

You might be running out of memory when using higher quality parameters, what errors do you see in the console log when you end up with Cannot process dataset?

In any case the 30% sidelap could be a problem.

Are you able to make the images publicly available?

yes I was getting that error "out of memory ", when increase the memory seperated for Docker it is solved.
ocessException: Child returned 1

Ply file does not contain normals
[WARNING] PoissonRecon failed with 1 threads, let’s retry with 0…

===== Done, human-readable information to follow… =====

[ERROR] Uh oh! Processing stopped because of strange values in the reconstruction. This is often a sign that the input data has some issues or the software cannot deal with it. Have you followed best practices for data acquisition? See Flying Tips — OpenDroneMap 2.8.8 documentation

Unfortunately I can’t

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