Best Othophoto

For scientific purpose, I would like the best orthophoto possible.

I read that the GSD in the report is the one used for calculation but not for the final product. How can I get the best GSD ?

In my example, I have a GSD of 0.7 in the report, but in the orho, it is around 4.9

My command line is

/usr/bin/docker run  --rm -v  "$input_image_dir/:/code/images" \
-v "$output_dir/odm_georeferencing:/code/odm_georeferencing"  \
-v "$output_dir/odm_meshing:/code/odm_meshing"  \
-v "$output_dir/odm_dem:/code/odm_dem" \
-v "$output_dir/odm_orthophoto:/code/odm_orthophoto" \
-v "$output_dir/odm_texturing:/code/odm_texturing" \
-v "$output_dir/odm_report:/code/odm_report" \
opendronemap/odm --orthophoto-png --mesh-octree-depth 13 \
--auto-boundary    --pc-quality ultra --matcher-neighbors 40\
 --dsm   --orthophoto-kmz  --camera-lens brown  --orthophoto-cutline \
 --mesh-size 300000  \
 --feature-quality ultra --max-concurrency 16  --use-hybrid-bundle-adjustment \
 --build-overviews --time --min-num-features 64000 --feature-type $feature_type


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Set --orthophoto-resolution to 0.01. :+1:


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