Best camera settings for orthophoto


gday all.

what are the best camera settings for an orthophoto?
using a P3 standard.
saturation, sharpness, contrast, color profile =?


Best settings for residential properties and how to avoid wavy lines?

Hard question to answer, but “whatever produces the clearest photos” is basically it.

You may want to try several runs with different settings and see what works best for the environment.


another provider suggests Automatic exposure and the default picture profile.
they do not mention saturation, sharpness and contrast settings so maybe
this applies to them as well. 0, 0, 0 .
one teacher says saturation -2, sharpness -2 and contrast -3 but this is for video and photography and post editing.
what does ODM expect for images? proprietary providers manage the camera behind the scenes so it is just plan and fly.
how much do these camera settings affect an orthophoto. for example it is said that the DJI camera oversaturates, that sharpness=0 may produce moire effects and that we can lose detail if contrast is too high.
of course, i understand that settings make the image but how does this affect ODM producing an orthophoto and a DTM and DSM ?


I use a DJI Phantom 3 too and generally the auto feature works well. I’m in the process of comparing results between the standard jpg’s that come out of the flights versus the raw+jpg option that DJI Phantom 3 has.
In the process I will convert the raw’s to HQ jpg’s to compare the results with the DEFAULT preset in webodm and share the results here!