Best 3D settings for hole filling / high res texture

We have tried running building, 3d, and tweaking 3D, but we just seem to always get holes in the sides of buildings. Anyone have a recommendation or profile that will process this well at a higher texture resolution? We up the vertex count and it helps with the bumpiness, but not the holes.

For what imagery you have, you have probably reached close to the limit of what you can extract under those eaves: more photos down-low, and perhaps even some near ground level are what are required to fill those spaces.

BTW: Amazing data and use case. I was just contemplating a use cases page to add to If you’re open to it, I’d love to have this as one of the use cases.

With other software we are able to extract under the eaves, so I’m believing we can tweak the settings slightly and get it. Below is what a state group processed after we shared the data.

Feel free to use it as a use case, we primarily use these for documenting structure fires, car wrecks, or any other EMS related call. This was probably flown with a Matrice with a Zenmuse X5S, or maybe one of the new Mavics. I just processed the data post response so I wasn’t present for the flight.

Excellent. Thanks!

It doesn’t look like the other software is extracting features under the eaves but rather texturing the mesh with whatever best views are available. You might set --texturing-keep-unseen-faces to true in order to get a similar effect in OpenDroneMap.