Beginner questions for drone mapping

Hello all, Thank you in advance for any help or insights.

I’m new to drone mapping and am looking at adding it to a small business I run on the side. I am interested in mostly the orthomoasic mapping. As I’m doing my research on this I found WebODM but see that I need a program to autonomously plan the flight path and fly the drone. I was on the verge of purchasing the new Mavic 3 Classic but as I looked I see that no programs support it because DJI hasn’t released the SDK for it yet. Also when looking for other drones that work well for mapping I see the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise is recommended but when look up the M3E I don’t see any support for that – even with DJI’s own programs. (Or is support for 3rd parties coming up with the Mavic 3 Enterprise drones?)

I understand that if DJI unlocks the SDK then the 3rd party programs could support it but DJI isn’t even listing opening that up now. Are there any other solutions to be aware of for drone flight software that will work or am I going to have to get a drone specifically for mapping if I want to include it? Am I missing any other workarounds other than flying the drone manually and taking the pictures? (I have seen that Pix4D will take photos from the Mavic 3 and make Orthomosaics from them. Can WebODM do that as well?)

Just trying to figure this all out, I appreciate the help or pointing me in the direction of any other resources I can use.

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“Good station” for iPhone also works well

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The controller for the DJI M3E runs DJI Pilot 2, which supports mapping flight paths. No need to use 3rd party software though there is SDK support for it and works with things like Drone Deploy.

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I didn’t see that, but looking specifically for that I see it now. I was hoping there’d be a work around for the M3C. But it is what it is. Thank you.

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I use an Autel evo 2 pro for mapping, also a Dji mini 2 with litchi waypoints.