Basurero Viejo

Process exited with code 1

No he podido tener resultados con el software WebODM

Estas son las imagenes

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Estoy descargando las imágenes para ver si puedo procesarlas en mi ordenador, pero mientras tanto hay unas preguntas que pueden ayudar a entender tu problema:
1- Veo que son cerca de 200 imágenes. ¿Qué parametros has usado en la misión?
2- ¿Qué procesador/RAM tienes?
3- ¿Qué parámetros de procesado has utilizado en WebODM?
4- Sería de ayuda ver en qué parte del proceso has tenido el error: ¿Puedes copiar y pegar el mensaje de error para que podamos ayudar?

Por favor, intenta escribir en inglés las siguientes respuestas, de forma que la comunidad pueda ayudarte.

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I am downloading the images to see if I can process them in my computer, but there are some questions that could help in understanding your issue:
1- I see that you have approximately 200 images. What parameters did you use in the mission?
2- What processor/RAM do you have?
3- What processing parameters did you use in WebODM?
4- It would be helpful if we could see where did you get the error: could you copy and paste the error message so we can help?

Please, try and write your replies in English, so that the community can help better

I have processed a subset of 60 photos to see if the process worked, and I get no error messages.
It is likely that you ran out of memory at some point: have you installed WebODM via Docker? How much memory have you allocated to the image? You can see/change that (if you are using Windows) by right clicking the Docker icon on the tray → settings → Advanced.

I processed the images using the “Fast orthophoto” option, to get a quick overview of the results. Please, could you give some more information on what you want to achieve?

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I agree with @northern_mapper, it definitely looks like a resource issue. I processed the full dataset and it’s fine:

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