Bands of missing points in point cloud

I am fairly new to odm, but am currently attempting to develop an open source pathway for photogrammetry of historical images. You can find a small sample of images as well as GCPs which have been collected in the non-glaciated areas of these images (which were taken in the Canadian Arctic in 1959) through the following link. My output results can also be found here.

The parameters I changed are as follows:
min-num-features: 30000
texturing-data-term: area
texturing-keep-unseen-faces: true

When I process my images with these parameters, it results in a point cloud which is missing bands of data. I think that this may be due to insufficient overlap and I was wondering if there was a way to override this minimum overlap, even if it results in a high degree of error. I can’t go back and retake the images as the point of this project is to compare historical images to today. Any suggestions on how to fix this, or if this is even possible would be greatly appreciated.

You can find my task output was too big to put here, but you can also find a copy of it in the google drive link above.

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Really fascinating work!

2D stitch worked nicely, so that’s good.

Processing Report:
sofiag_2021-09-23_Ultra.pdf (6.2 MB)

You’re right in that we’re reconstructing mostly the Automatic Tie Points, but not the rest of the point cloud… I wonder if there is some threshold that could be adjusted for minimum number of views to be recosntructed.

Pix4D Processing Report:
sofiag_report.pdf (1.9 MB)

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