Bands in Full-Spectrum Dataset

I am a beginner and am learning to generate NDVI outputs. I came across this particular dataset on GitHub. Can someone tell me what are the bands in the images and in what order?


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That’s my data :sunglasses:

Typical RGB sensor, using the KolariVision Blue/NIR NDVI filter.

So, Red is basically pure IR, Green is mostly IR, and Blue is Blue/non-IR returns.

There is some bleed across channels.

If you poke around, you’ll see my CVI experiments where I’m trying to fine-tune band ratios for max contrast using that filter.

ENDVI works fairly well on that filter.

I was unable to get a 1:1 mapping of my spectra to in-field measurements taken at leaf-level with an NDVI Sensor (Precision Planting), but it was pretty much 100% correlated, so it still shows relative health perfectly fine.

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Thanks a lot for the insight!

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I’ll try to put up more/better information about the filter into my CVI repository soon(ish?). I’m also interested in improving that band index still, just don’t have super much time to dedicate to it.

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