Band order in output orthophoto

Hello. WebODM created a lovely orthophoto for me (yay!) but when I played around with some vegetation indices in QGIS I noticed they seemed a little strange. The orthophoto metadata for band 4 and 5 are just labeled “gray” not “rededge” and “NIR”. So, it is not possible to check which band is Rededge and which is NIR.

  1. Does WebODM output bands in the same order as the input images (MS Rededge camera, so input order is RGBNRe in this case)?
  2. Is it possible to update the orthophoto metadata to have the actual band name instead of “gray”?


Item name=“COLORINTERP” sample=“0” role=“colorinterp”>Blue.
Item name=“COLORINTERP” sample=“1” role=“colorinterp”>Green.
Item name=“COLORINTERP” sample=“2” role=“colorinterp”>Red.
Item name=“COLORINTERP” sample=“3” role=“colorinterp”>Gray.
Item name=“COLORINTERP” sample=“4” role=“colorinterp”>Gray.
Item name=“COLORINTERP” sample=“5” role=“colorinterp”>Alpha.

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Hey @hjken :hand: !

  1. Yes (the order depends on the “band index” field that is usually embedded in the images).
  2. I don’t think it’s possible, as GDAL doesn’t support it (?) The possible values are red|green|blue|alpha|gray|undefined GDAL: gdal.h File Reference
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