Bad quality in straight lines?

After having small tests with wedodm, I noticed that webod has difficulties with straight edges when default settings is used.

Hopefully the images will pinpoint my concern. The first image is created with webodm

This image is created with commercial mapping program (free version).

Are there any soltutions to improve the results?

Hi @i.k :hand: are you running the latest version of WebODM/ODM? Two days ago we’ve made some updates to improve exactly what you are describing. If not, I suggest updating and trying to reprocess the dataset.

Probably yes. I just got it working yesterday :smile:

BTW- How can I check the versions?

Running docker run --rm --entrypoint cat opendronemap/opendronemap /code/VERSION should give you the OpenDroneMap version.

The latest is 0.4.1.

The command updated the code and now the quality for that is better. Thanks.