Back project from ground point to images

Hi everyone,
This is my first time posting here and I am a beginner with the ODM software. I am wondering if the following task would be possible with ODM.

Starting with a ground point, I would like to find which images in my collection have that point in their view, and if so, what the pixel coordinates of that point in each image are.


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We don’t have a capability like what you’re describing quite yet.

I’m familiar with it from Agisoft and Pix4D, where you can refine your manual tie points and GCPs, right?

Are you wanting to do this from UI or from code? If from code, then what language?
I have the bits of code to do this in Unity with C#. I don’t have time right now to translate to another language but could provide some tips if interested. Basically you can load the camera settings which includes the position, orientation, and field of view of the camera from a file located at [project]/opensfm/undistorted/reconstruction.json. Then you can loop across all cameras and see if the point you want is within that cameras view frustum. Let me know if you want more details if you want to try from code.

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