AWS with WebODM install from docker. need help for Optimization for fast ortho

I currently have an AWS instance of webodm (r5ad.8xlarge).
(Instance size: r5ad.8xlarge vCPU: 32 Memory: 256 | Amazon EC2 R5 Instances - memory intensive compute workloads)
I am running datasets between 1-10k of images.

I don’t feel like I am using my AWS instance to its full potential.

My objective is to get fast accurate orthos.

Does anyone have any pointers, words of wisdom, docs, notes or other knowledge that can help speed up or optimize the ortho production using AWS?

I am open to reconfiguring my instance.

At the moment I have been using the “options FastOrthophoto”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What makes you think you’re not getting good performance out of your instance?

Fast Orthophoto is a great preset to start from, though, if your data are suitable (taken at nadir, fixed height above ground, flat terrain) you can try the Fields preset to speed things up even further.

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