AWS + Docker ODM integration

I create a docker image to help AWS users make orthomosaics using S3 and ODM. You can access it at Docker Hub.

I have some limitations like, I can only make orthomosaics with up to 450 images (in 32Gb and 8 cores RAM). I have problems with processing similar photos (I’m solving this). I’m trying to process larger orthomosaics. Do you have some tips?

Thanks for your attention.

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Really neat Docker image!

As to your questions, what processing options have you set as defaults in your Docker image? Also, is it pre-configured to use any SWAP or virtual memory alongside the 32GB RAM you’ve chosen as the VM size?

Could you explain a bit more about the problems with similar image processing? Maybe some screenshots or posting the datasets in would help.

Larger projects might require more RAM and SWAP, and/or lower processing parameters.

I’m still not using SWAP.

I was using these parameters (–resize-to 1024 --depthmap-resolution 160) and it performed well, up to 450 images in under 30 minutes.
Now I’m trying to use (–feature-type hahog --split 64) to fix these errors with similar photos. I see it takes longer, but it works.

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