Awesome 3d results


finally i’ve gotten a better result in 2d processing on webodm vs precisionmapper and with 3d texturing a similar result between webodm and precionmapper. Precisionmapper didn’t calculate the gps coordinates correctly to georectify the images.
Awesome work guys:

precisionmapper 2d:

precisionmapper 3dt:

webodm 2d:

webodm 3dt:



Looks great! How did you get results from under the bridge? Could you outline your workflow and which software you use for flightplanning?

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Hey, I just want to know what is your gear, flight planning application and parameter settings that was used?


I did 2 flights:

1 - grid like with north south heading @ 35m AGL ;
2 - a circular flight @15m AGL;

The photos were processed on WEBODM with the 3dmodel setting.

Thanks for asking.

The settings are described on the previous answer.
The kit is a DJI Phantom3 Advanced

Thanks for asking.



This last image was used in the website. I would like, at least, to be credited for the work … image

Hmm, yup: @pierotofy.

:pray: added. Apologies @carlozousa!

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No apologies needed! you guys are awesome!! Thank you!

BTW: Have also been working on creating a showcase, and in the case of this image, here is the link!