Autoscaling with conf file in Azure


I am working with this in Azure, would it work to setup autoscaling with conf file in Azure. Or does ODM just natively support the cloud vendors mentioned?

OpenDroneMap/ClusterODM: A NodeODM API compatible autoscalable load balancer and task tracker for easy horizontal scaling ♆ (

Otherwise it would be worth a try!

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Just thought from my side, wouldnt it be possible to put the nodes on Kubernetes cluster with a load balancer in front? I guess parallel execution would not work then however.

Found this link with a project/fork for Kubernetes cluster regarding WebODM and NodeODM:

WEBODM Kubernetes - WebODM - OpenDroneMap Community

Would just be interesting to know how the setup is now, is like a VM scale set in AWS or do you just have script spinning up a vm and installing docker then running the image? Any documentation regarding the cluster autoscaling setup?

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