Automating drone image upload


My question is: how can I automate the upload of the drone image files to a cloud platform, like S3? I have a class project to create map files from drone images of previously burnt wildfire areas. I’m new to drones, but I’ve got ODM working in various forms (e.g. WebODM, NodeODM, ODM CL) in a cloud environment. Now, I just need to get the drone files up to the cloud.

I still need to buy my drone (and I’m open to any suggestions), but they all seem to store the images on the phone or on the extra memory card. Then it’s a manual process to pull that onto the computer and upload into the cloud.

Is there a quick/easy way to automate that (without having to develop a full blow android app)?

Thanks much!!


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That’s quite the project.

I’m not sure if many will let you grab images off the sUAS via the control/telemetry link without using their app/SDK.

It might be possible with a 3DR Solo given the imx6 yocto linux companion computer that lives inside (and being fully open-source), but that is well beyond me, unfortunately.

Mm, sounds like you might need to develop a full blown app (it would be a cool app though!) I can’t think of any other shortcut.

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