Authenticate NodeODM with New User Registration

I am trying to set authentication token for NodeODM. one way is to set --token during docker run and that is working fine but in NodeODM API documentation, /auth/register Post API call is documented.
So this register call is to create user and login using the created user and get token as like in WebODM ?

Started nodeODM using docker without --token. Made API call in postman to http://host:port/auth/register having {"username" : "test", "password" : "test123"} in body as Raw JSON, I got {"error": "Not available"} as response.

What is actual purpose of register option and what I have done wrong in executing that, how to authenticate NodeODM using register, login options?
Can some community members help me with this ?



The /auth/register API is not implemented in NodeODM: NodeODM/index.js at master · OpenDroneMap/NodeODM · GitHub

It was added as a future API design, but wasn’t actually implemented (we’d welcome pull requests!)


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