Assessing error in products?

Dear OpenDroneMap community,

I only recently started using a drone to map landscapes (natural vegetation, plantations, vineyards) for my research, so I am very new to the world of photogrammetry.

Thus far I was using ArcGIS Pro to analyse my DJI mavic pro imagery, and produce orthomosaics, DTM’s and DSM’s. However, there is a bug in the software that makes it incompatible with my laptop hardware. So since I don’t want to be in a computer lab all the time, I installed OpenDroneMap on my laptop to analyse my imagery. ODM is a truly remarkable piece of software, and I am very grateful for the talented developers working on this project. However, I would like some advice/help/explanation on some issues.

I would like to assess the amount of error (RMSE) introduced when images are adjusted under different settings before producing products like an orthomosaic.

In ArcGIS Pro, when you want to produce a orthromosaic from overlapping drone imagery, you need to provide ArcGIS Pro with a accurate Digital Terrain Model. This DTM is then used when images are adjusted. See this reference: “Block adjustment is the process of adjusting the parameters in the image support data to get an accurate transformation between the image and the ground. The process is based on the relationship between overlapping images, control points, the camera model, and topography

Because you supply ArcGIS Pro with a DTM, you can generate a Adjustment report, that shows you the amount of error introduced during the block adjustments

So my questions:

  1. Is there a way to assess the quality of your image adjustments in WebODM?
  2. Can I provide a DTM (5m resolution) as input into WebODM to increase the accuracy of the products (terrain correction)?

If someone can also maybe post a link to where I can read up on the actual steps happening when creating a orthomosaic in WebODM, that would be great to increase my understanding.

Sorry if I am posting in the wrong place.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Tnx for the question Jurie.
I wanted to ask the same question as well.

Can anyone assist?